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Common Questions and Answers

article How can I change the sending address of my account?
This is currently only possible for users of "Professional Edition" and "Enterprise Edition". Please contact support and include the following pieces of information in your request:Your old RapidSMTP usernameYour new sending addressYour order number (can be found in the...

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article How can I contact support?
Our company is known for its exceptional support. A team of e-mail marketing experts is both availabe by e-mail support and live chat and will assit you in a professional way.You can contact support directly by using the application.Login into the applicationIn the main navigation menu click on...

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article How can I create a valid SPF record?
Important Note:A wrong SPF record will affect your e-mail delivery. Only proceed if you feel confident about this subject. SPF records are DNS TXT entries which need to be installed into the DNS server of your domain.A good resource for constructing SPF records can be found here:...

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article Is my ISP's mail server used to deliver e-mails?
If you use the e-mail marketing system to submit e-mails, your ISP's e-mail servers are not used for delivery.The e-mail marketing system deploys its own unique infrastructure of high-speed e-mail servers. Servers are monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week by experts resulting in the highest speed...

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article My ISP blocks port 25 (SMTP traffic). Can I still use your service?
Yes.The e-mail marketing system does not use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ("SMTP"), but a custom network protocol ("RapidSMTP™") which is superior to the common SMTP protocol in means of speed, security and efficiency. Even if your ISP limits your outbound e-mail...

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article What are FreeCredits?
What are FreeCredits?With FreeCredits you can send emails free of charge in excess of your monthly quota. You get 100 FreeCredits per recommendation. With 100 FreeCredits you can send 100 emails. Every month.How can I get FreeCredits?You get FreeCredits by referring our software to others. It...

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article What are SPF records?
SPF is an extension to e-mail, which prevents unauthorized senders from forging your e-mail address. Your setup may need to be adjusted, so e-mails sent by the e-mail marketing system are not classified as unauthorized.If you have full access to your DNS server, please click here for...

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article What database information is transmitted if DynamicText is used?
The email marketing system was designed with a maximum data confidentiality in mind. If DynamicText is used, only the set of information, which is really needed to create personalized e-mails, is transmitted to our servers.Only the result of DynamicText functions is transmitted. The...

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